Alderney; The Affordable Channel Island

The Alderney Advantage Group

The Alderney Advantage Group is a group of business people and residents dedicated to the
growth of the economy, liveability, and environment of the lovely Island of Alderney.
To that end this web site highlights the significant business, financial, and lifestyle
advantages Alderney offers to people of ordinary means above and beyond what the other Channel
Islands can. These advantages are available to anyone who would consider locating their home
office here, retiring here, having a vacation home here, or just visiting Alderney.

Alderney; The Keep Fit Island

As well as significant advantages for business people and retirees, Alderney can proudly
boast of being the Keep Fit Island with an active chapter of KFA, the Keep Fit Association,
offering golf, tennis, badminton, ping-pong, line dancing, walking, hiking and running, sailing, fishing,
kayaking, diving, shooting, cycling, and various motor sports etc.

Included below are links to Alderney's tourist website, our airport website, some of the many sports
and social organizations on Alderney.

The Many Advantages of Alderney:

Business Advantages
Advantages of Retiring to Alderney
The Alderney Lifestyle
Alderney Tourist Information
Private Pilot Information About Alderney
Sports and Clubs on Alderney
Home For Sale on Alderney; La Marbo

Would you like to join us and participate in our efforts?
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Alderney, Channel Islands